Melody Soleimani, the president of MID, established her Los Angeles design firm to realize a lifelong artistic vision of creating unique, functional, comfortable and aesthetically appealing environments for a wide variety of purposes. She is highly eclectic in her approach, combining classic and modern styles, natural, organic materials and textures, as well as new, exciting innovations of her own.

Melody was born in Los Angeles, attended they city's High School and went on to the University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned her degree in Communication with a minor in Public Policy. With that background, she continued at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merch-andising. Her father, a civil engineer and a real estate developer, served as a major inspiration in the evolution of her design sensibilities. Since she was a young girl, Melody's father took her to various sites, showing her the efforts and strategies required to bring projects both large and small to fruition.

After graduation, Melody worked for some of the most renowned designers in Southern California, including Ammie Kim and Kelly Wearstler. Her career so far attests to the power of her imagination, and the courage and tenacity to make the unconventional and the groundbreaking possible. In summation, she is keeping alive the great Los Angeles tradition of embracing change, defining new paths and showing the world how the ordinary can become exhilarating.