MID was established to provide a comprehensive range of interior design services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Melody Soleimani, the founder and president, has provided dedicated leadership to give this innovative firm the inspiration, motivation and practical means to define its own standards of excellence. While MID offers its signature eclectic style and unique approach, it is equally mindful of the client’s requirements, preferences and budget. A project’s planning, approval and implementation phases are preceded by extensive consultation and evaluation to define the critical path of outstanding design and functionality.

MID believes in being available to the client from the concept to the conclusion of each project, providing on-going communication. Any environment, be it a home, an office, a boutique hotel or a new and exciting restaurant, should be reflective of the unique attributes of those who live or work there. This design firm, above all, is dedicated to realizing and creating that one-a-kind environment which makes its design both original and inevitable.